Demo Reel

Here is my current demo reel, as of 12/17/2013. Expect constant updates to this video.

Reel Breakdown

1. U Can't Stop the Rubber Rocket (2013) - Music video for artist Rubber Johnson on the Respect Music label. Served as director, animator, storyboard artist, and character designer on this project. Responsible for all animation presented. Footage used with permission from Respect Music. Video is tentatively set for release in Winter 2014.

2. Falling In Flames (2012) - Music video. Served as lead animator and lead storyboard artist on this project. Responsible for all character art and animation presented. The video can be viewed on YouTube.

3. Walk cycle animation exercise

4. The Turtle and the Monkey (2011) - Student Film at De Anza College. Animated in Toon Boom Studio and backgrounds created in Corel Painter. Responsible for all animation, layout, and 95% of the background painting. The film can be viewed on vimeo.

5. Boxing Test (2012) - Created while evaluating Toon Boom Animate trial software. Responsible for all animation.

6. Bulalo Love (2011) - Dialogue/Lip Sync exercise. Audio from the album 'Live at Cobb's
 by Rex Navarrete.

Music: 'Survive Style 5+' from the Survive Style 5+ OST, 2004 Victor Entertainment