Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I bought an Ergotron LX arm last year after seeing this miraculous piece of video and thinking that it would solve my possibly-OCD need to have my Cintiq sitting at the same level as my Macbook display. Alas, the only successful examples I've seen of the Ergotron + Cintiq setup have been with the larger 21UX and now I know why. The 12WX just doesn't put enough weight on the arm to maintain a comfortable drawing position.

So I finally decided to try switch things up after the Ergotron tried to punch me in the face for the thousandth time. It's OK so far, I guess. The vertical arrangement takes some getting used to, and I'm missing the ability to rotate the Cintiq 90ยบ. But my drawing sessions no longer involve bobbing and weaving, so ... progress?

... but I am keeping the Ergotron on the chance that I somehow find enough money to afford a 21UX. How much are kidneys worth these days?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dynomite! Dynomite!

I was inspired to try to create some pixel art after seeing this piece of fanart on the Black Dynamite Facebook feed. I originally wanted to do an idle animation, figuring that this pixel animation stuff is kinda primitive and couldn't be that hard. But after three hours of work, I realized that pixel art is no joke.

My goal was to make something that matched the Street Fighter Zero/Alpha style and had a Ryu sprite sheet from that game to use as reference. But it's really not that close. I'm not feeling the pose either, so I have a feeling that I'll be revisiting this at some point in the near future.