Friday, November 18, 2011

P.A.C. Man

I'm one of those cranky old men who will swear up and down that video games were better twenty years ago then they are today, that today's games lack personality, and that the proliferation of first-person shooters spells the death of gaming. I'm also kind of a hypocrite, whose SNES library is composed of mostly Street Fighter clones.

Anyway, so I came up with an idea for a series of illustrations under the theme of "If classic video games were conceived today". These would be ridiculous pictures that would skewer today's games in all of their testosterone-laden, dude-bro-ness. And Pac-Man would be the first. The problem is, I'm having a really hard time making this idea look unappealing.

PAC-Man 2011 would be a first-person-shooter (of course) starring an unarmed space marine who is trapped aboard a ship infested by deadly ghosts. There are weapons hidden in remote corners of the ship that he can use to fend off the ghosts, but ammo is finite. P.A.C., by the way, would stand for "Paranormal Assault Corps" or "Planetary Assault Corps". I can see a legion of dude-bros lining up outside of their local Gamestops already ...

Fall back, you jive suckas!

I'm somewhat of an overzealous music consumer, so when left to my own devices,  a lot of my ideas end being inspired by random tracks that pop up when I do the good ol' iTunes shuffle. Whenever the song, "Chicago Falcon" by modern-day funk ensemble The Budos Band comes on, it inspires me to try to 'pimp strut' before I realize that I have no idea what a 'pimp strut' is supposed to be. The following walk cycle is my attempt to figure that out:

I've spent the last few years animating The Turtle and the Monkey on twos, and I figured that I needed some practice animating on ones again. It was also refreshing to animate a character who wasn't a monkey or a turtle. The animation is a combination of ones and twos. This cycle went through several revisions and ended up taking longer than I expected. But I'm pretty satisfied with the result.

Orange suit swag

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Turtle and the Monkey

'The Turtle and the Monkey' is my graduation project for the De Anza College animation program. It's an adaptation of a supposedly popular Filipino folk tale. I say supposedly because I had never heard of the story before developing my adaptation of it. Hurray for cultural deprivation!

Production took place over the course of almost three years. I'm the film's director and sole animator. The animation was handled in Toon Boom Studio, while the the backgrounds were done in Corel Painter. Actually, I didn't even know how to paint before starting the production process, so I went straight into line tests and animation while spending a school year taking basic painting classes. I'm better at it, but it's still mostly witchcraft to me. 

A preliminary version was completed in time for the De Anza College Student Film Show in June 2011. I'm still tweaking it for release to film festivals as of November 2011. I'm hoping to have a final version done before the end of the year. 

The following is a trailer I made for the De Anza College version of the film: